Mechanical sector consultancy

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Reference area
Design and production of automatic machines for the pharmaceutical sector
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Type of intervention

• Redesign of the production logistic flow.

• Introduction of visual tools and lean logics for better management of orders.

• Improvement of the quality of the design activities.

• Reorganization of after-sales service management practices.

• Support to the Property for organizational redefinition and planning of the generational handover.


• Improvement of working capital.

• Reduction of delivery times to customers.

• Reduction of internal non-quality costs.


• 20% reduction in raw materials stock.

• Reduction of the standard delivery time of the machines from 6 months to 3 months.

• Reduction of the incidence of industrial costs from 31% to 27%.

• Structuring of a new organizational chart also functional for the second generation to take on top roles.