The method

The characteristics that distinguish our management consultancy and support to companies in their relaunch and growth path make our approach unique.

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1. Industrial and financial optics -> We approach any problem in an integrated way

2. Customized solutions -> We decline our techniques always adapting them to the client’s peculiarities and internal balances

3. Innovative compensation structure -> We offer our remuneration which is as much as possible linked to the results we bring

4. All-inclusive turnkey service -> We are ready, with those who also appreciate this aspect, to act as our only contact person and to coordinate other professionals already present in the company

5. Transfer of the know-how necessary to make the company autonomous in a short time -> We always aim at the growth of staff within the company, thus maximizing the value of the consultancy intervention


6. Deep knowledge of the dynamics of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises -> With us there is no risk that advice will be perceived as a decontextualized theory [as too academic an approach]


7. Execution excellence -> Our interventions are always partially managerial: we roll up our sleeves, for the purpose of the company’s managers


8. Complementary skills and high level experiences -> Interdisciplinarity is one of our most important professional values, the long experience of our professionals is a guarantee of quality

9. Ability to manage critical situations -> We offer skills and an important experience in managing complex problems

10. Possibility of outsourcing some business functions -> In some cases, we can also propose ourselves as Temporary Managers to manage business phases that require it

supporto strategico
Strategic support
icona tecnologie
Business opportunity
Icona finanza
Risk sharing