Start-up sector consultancy

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Reference area
Orthopedic medical devices production
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Biomedical Start-up
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Type of intervention

• Construction of the Industrial Plan for the launch of a new business model in the orthopedic prosthesis sector.

• Management of all funding phases (equity raising, debt financing, H2020).

• Coordination of activities for grounding the entire business model (commercial launch, startup of the greenfield production site).


• Market launch of the innovative business model (customized prostheses thanks to innovative 3D printing technology, IoT management of patient information).

• Financial consolidation of the company until the exit.


• Equity funding for € 4.5 million.

• Obtaining an H2020 grant for an additional € 3 million.

• Obtaining CE and FDA marks.

• Consolidated company value at € 30 million (multiplication for the founding members at around 15x).